Welcome to the SOURCE project

The SOURCE project is now live (as of this blog entry). We are hoping that each team blog will enable a daily weekly log of what is going on from the perspective of each team member. As project manager, here is my latest update on SOURCE project haveDone / toDo (as outlined for one of my project boards):

The SOURCE project is making steady progress in setting-up:

* Website is available at http://www.source.bbk.ac.uk
o RSS feeds are available to keep you up to date as the project progresses
o Team blog and Wiki feeds will also be available
* A ‘Plain-English’ Description of the SOURCE project has been produced in both A/V and text formats; including a Bloomsbury Colleges specific report that outlines the aims of the project for the Bloomsbury Colleges (www.bbk.ac.uk/lib/life/source)
* David as the Project Manager has been making his way around the Bloomsbury Colleges speaking with Learning Technologists and Librarians regarding their current and long term needs for a digital repository.
o Worth noting is the number of image collections that are being digitised throughout all colleges as well as the need for a sustainable and affordable solution for ePrint collections.
* Through December David will be collecting learning objects and complex objects for use within the testbed of the project. He will be bothering emailing you accordingly.
* SOURCE alongside Jorum will be surveying the HE community to asses the most significant digital repositories (this is especially in context to future library repository scenarios as digital objects increase in complexity).
* SOURCE is planning on having the first Bloomsbury project evaluation committee meeting in late January. It is at this meeting where the Jorum survey finding will be presented in context to the needs of a Bloomsbury Consortium Repository.


~ by dfflanders on November 27, 2006.

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