The day I stopped watching TV and learned to love the bomb

In this day and age you must expect to be blind-sided by something that completely changes the way you go about your daily routine. And often times this disruption of our patterns is due to technology (see blog by Peter Murray on “disruptive technology“). I think this is one of the reasons why people either love or hate the daily technology bombs that are dropped on all of us continually. We just want to have a daily living pattern and stick to that pattern without having to relearn new things all the time (and trust me, even the technologists get tired of “keeping up with the cutting-edge”). Yet the real question is whether or not the new technology will change the way we all do things, and when you encounter a piece of technology that completely changes the way you do something (even the smallest thing) it gives you that glimmer of light that humanity really is going somewhere good.

Well today, was one of those days. Simple idea really. We all know that TV will eventually be delivered over the web, but why hasn’t it taken off yet (i.e. why haven’t we got rid of the antennae based television)? Answer: because we need a browser that is for watching television (not a browser that shows a page that has a television screen within the digital text e.g. YouTube <- we just don’t work this way yet). So stop reading this blog and go watch some TV, but do it with the new Democracy TV browser (it will change the way you think about TV forever)…

In case you need more convincing about democracy: I just watched a comedy sketch, a clip from the NBA playoffs, the BBC news, a special on sharks from National Geographic, and a piece on the largest proton accelerator in the world at CERN (and I choose each of these programmer because I wanted to watch them, not because some broadcaster sitting up in his glass tower is deciding what will be in the next issue of TV guide). Truly, welcome to democracy! Go get your democracy player today:

Oh for the tech geeks, yes it is open source, yes, it is stable (built on a mac) and yes it is available on all major platforms.  The Firefox of television browsers <- get hacking!


~ by dfflanders on April 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “The day I stopped watching TV and learned to love the bomb”

  1. I downloaded it. I like it allot. I don’t like that you can’t browse videos while you are already watching one. Oh well. I was reading about Joost. You heard of it? It looks like their interface might be a little more friendly.

  2. Joost is very cool and I waste far too much time watching the Indie documentary channel. However, the democracy TV browser has more potential because it is: a.) Open Source: allowing for all kinds of future advancements; and b.) Democracy allows for downloading, and therefore watching of television while offline! i.e. I use Joost at home instead of the TV, but I use Democracy while I am on the road (sitting around in airports).

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