Preview of the TrustDR Project

In reading over TrustDR’s (Trust in Digital Repositories) Institutional Development Pack, I couldn’t help copy down some of the key quotes that I think are fundamental concepts that can not be repeated enough.  I’ve organised the qutoes per audience I would like to pass them onto:

Advice for ALL in HE:

  • Create a ‘formal’ institutional repository to allow content to be migrated from the LMS and groupware spaces in a managed process for future reuse. This is intended to provide a sustainable knowledge management service and ‘institutional memory’ for the teaching and learning materials of the college. This is recognised as being a long-term commitment as part of a change of working culture that is needed for financial survival (over 97% of the college income is derived directly from teaching.
    • DFF comment: check out our JISC project SOURCE!

Advice to the Librarians:

  • In most cases the best and obvious location for a repository will be with the institutional library service and this needs to be adequately resourced.
  • Now that e-learning has arrived individual academics and institutions have become de-facto digital publishers of learning materials – enjoying both the legal rights and the responsibilities this brings.
  • Stop regarding the law as a problem and start using it as an enabler.
  • The repository will have a clear notice and take-down procedure that will respond to third-party complaints.
  • If concerns about liability are very strong, then another option is to have the repository operate as a limited liability company.

Advice to Learning Technologists:

  • Teaching and learning activities generate the single largest source of institutional wealth in this sector yet the management of IPR and the organisation of technology to support these activities are often overlooked.
  • The primary change that we have identified and targeted in our work is the move from the current pedagogic and organisational model that is dominated by individuals, teaching in relative isolation from each other, towards a team-teaching model.

Advice to Lecturers:

  • We should recognise that in mainstream educational institutions the value lies primarily in the ‘process’ – that is teaching, support and ephemeral qualities such as culture – not so much in the ‘things’ or materials.
  • Engage with the subject of IPR – we cannot ignore it anymore and it is not as difficult as many people think.

Advice to Senior Management:

  • Managers at all levels need to adopt a more mature attitude to risk management.
  • The partnership could invest in some degree of indemnity insurance to cover the activities of the repository in relation to rights holders. Each institutional partner should already have indemnity cover for the activities of its employees in relation to medical matters and professional judgment. That might well be enough.

Thanks John, Jackie and David for all their work in this area!


~ by dfflanders on August 13, 2007.

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