Animoto: more than just cool video tool!

If you haven’t seen this application you will, it is the tool all of us have been waiting for who have any kind of online image collection. Quite simply put: this is the photo album of the future.

Called Animoto, it is so much more than meets the eye (and yet the user will never know). A perfect example of taking complex technology and making it simple. First off, it is built on Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3, from there it uses several Open APIs to pull content from all the big Web2 Content providers. Then for fun it’s interface is mixing Ajax and Flash. Throw in a bit of behind the scenes Microsoft and you have what I would call a perfect example of Service Oriented Architecture or rather the ultimate Mash-up. For the rest of us it means one thing: start designing aps that are all singing and all dancing (and simple to use) like this, or die. Service Oriented Architecture is here for anyone to do, so just do it already!


~ by dfflanders on September 14, 2007.

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