KillerApp Alert! Jing Screencasting Software

Ok about a half hour of playing with Jing and I’m gobsmacked. Makes previous screencasting software (Captivate and Camtasia) look monolithic and clunky!

I recorded and published (pushed) a video within one clean workflow. The upload happened in the background without any lag to my continued browsing.

So far this looks like a KillerApp for screencasting! Very cool and ticks a bunch of help desk support pedagogy boxes.

Some things I still need to look into:

  • packaging standard? What kind of XML backbone is there? <- goes towards converting to a learning object package?
  • ability to upload to other server?
  • what is their business model? how much is this thing going to cost?

Watch this space…


~ by dfflanders on November 24, 2007.

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