Keynote OpenIWorld: Vijay Kumar – Advancing the Educational Life of Information Resources

Vijay Kumar from MIT (Dean and Director, Office of Educational Innovation).
*Problem: Global Challenge of too many on the outside (developing world) looking in (to Western World).
**The same problem is happening within the institution
*To solve this problem we are moving to a “meta-university” where content can be accessed across multiple institutions to enable open education
*MIT OpenCourseWare is just the first step (pebble in the pond)
**every country capable of accesssing OCW has.
**95 OCW consortium sites in 10 languages
*Open Education movement is more than just OCW
**iCampus: iLab: MIT Online Laboritories
**iLabs in China
**OCW highlights for Highschool
**K-12: Curriki, Scholastic, tessa, commonwealth of learning, PhET (at CO), etc
*Harvest the collective advantage:
**MIT Visualising Cultures: harvested from multiple repositories
**India National Knowledge Commision (NKC) Advancing Access and Quality
***India has to leverage massive educational content delivery systems to be accessible to their billion people. Utilise the multiplier effect.
**Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE): train the trainer to utilise content repositories for course creation: NPTEL IIT Course Website.
*Are institutions ready for the meta-university? Is education ready for opening up education?
**The Collectivity Culture: participation, colaboration, design, sharing, remix…
**Enablers: Interoperability, Open Standards, Legal Licenses, Consortial agreemnts
*Blended Learning: MIRTLE
*Boundary-less Education
**combined disciples and roles
**most significant barrier to open education movement?
***that we think we can control it rather than embrace how it is happening?
**are publishers enabling this or hindering this?
***business models are changing to enabling this, but this is because the business models are just being established and embraced.


~ by dfflanders on June 25, 2008.

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