Developer Olympics -FAIL :(

With the London Olympics getting such a big push from Bejing, I got
really excited about putting on a Olympic themed developer event (even
designed the above during my Sunday afternoon): would have called it
“The Developer Olympics”, with event accordingly themed. But alas
copyright, or rather in this case, trademark got in the way.
Apparently, despite the symbol being past it’s copyright infringement
date (circa 1930s), it is still protected under trademark law in almost
all countries (along with Mickey Mouse of course). Wonder if anyone
will ever realize that the thing humans do the best is copy (ironic we
should make laws against what we do best?)! Seems to me the only
difference is if someone manages to copy two or more people at the same
time that they think they did something ‘original’ (in that case I would
like to claim originality for the above design as I stole it from Google
I/O and the Olympics Rings!)? Well copyright should be a fun thing to
watch over the coming years as machines are now the only thing better
than humans at copying (and pasting), napster and Viacom/youtube are
just the start!

Trivia Question: How many times did I break copyright/trademark law in
this post?


~ by dfflanders on August 31, 2008.

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