Google Developer Day at Wembley Stadium London

Went to Google Developer Day at Wembley Stadium last week in London.  Enjoyed it on the whole.  On reflection the following things have stuck with me.

1.) Google App Engine (GAE):  With 5 million free hits this seems like the perfect hosting environment for JISC applications.  One can see hundreds of small Academic specific services existing for free on the web for all to use beyond the lifetime of the project.  And I suppose in combination with the eFramework this would provide a kind of catalogue of JISC applications for use as componets in a service oriented architecture?
2.) GData API: In short Google is leading the way in regards to Resource Oriented Architecture.  Over 15 of their applications, or rather  couple dozen some of their resource types/kinds are defined by the GData API.  So if it is good enough for them, why not for us?  What resources should we be using the APP for: Learning Objects, Quizes, Tests, Other?
3.) The talk on Google Chrome’s V8 engine went right over my hand when the presentation started describing levels of monomorphism/megamorphism as the secret sauce to optimising speed of applications in the cache. Though by abstraction some thoughts around polymorphism and resources were crystalised, specifically in regards to optimising large data sets and content object models.
4.) The new T-Mobile Phone was shown with Android loaded on the handset.  The idea of having a phone that has plugins like firefox is googegasmerific!  Going to put two fingers up to iPhone and become an Androidian myself.  It is all about devices that interact with the cloud!  That and I can stop buying so much maccrack.

Also towards my belief that the Academic sector must break free from the walls of its own domain and embrace the domain of the web, Google has just released a UK Blog for Developer Events.  I would highly recommend that we get a posse together and head on over to these events to represent.


~ by dfflanders on September 26, 2008.

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  1. good article.

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