Project Pitch: Global Dominant Resource Types “Study”

Basic idea for the project would be this:

A project/study looking at ReST based architectures and the resources that were coming to dominate them globally (not just in Academia), e.g. what is the typical image resource across Flickr, Kodak EasyShare, Bit Bucket, Facebook, etc.

The idea for the study is to break the globe up into the big bandwidth regions (North America, Europe, Australasia) and to have a local regional researcher observe and collect data about what have come to be the dominant resource types: images, video, audio, slides, etc (along with the metadata that comprises these resource types – a kind of “Resource Application Profile” something like a WADL but describing resources and for humans).

The regional researchers would work separately (in their own way) for six months collecting data as they saw fit (the project would aggregate this data: feeds, posts, emails, etc) and then at the end of the six months meet up at some big conference to discuss their findings as a panel. The more prestigious the researchers the better.

The final output of the project would be a recommendation for the way the Academic domain should be utilizing the already established ubiquitous resource types that the globe has established, i.e. make your video resources like YouTube video resources!

Conclusion of project: embrace the web.  That and it would be nice to know what resources are the dominant ones (qualitatively) as the next study could then target the resources we think are becoming globally ubiquitous and then programmitcally count (quantitatively) their existence on the web (via crawler inputting data into BigTable/Hadoop as part of a Cloud super cluster running for a couple of days).


~ by dfflanders on January 7, 2009.

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