Podcast notes: IT conversations, Anne Thomas Manes, ‘Is SOA Dead’


* We have been doing "Service Oriented Integration" which has been
focused on integration rather than architecture
* Intel paper on IT business valuation for metrics that effect bottom
line: how many people, how many hours, etc
* biggest impediment to SOA is cultural and political, not technological
** the question for those not obsessed with technology is: what is
going to increase bottm line?
* business managers and leaders won’t understand SOA, developers are
beginning to understand and so are building it from the bottom up.
SOA itself will very seldom ever happen as a top down political
* we *as humans* suck at architecture.
* enterprise architecture is completly different to application architecture.
** enterprise architecture is about reducing cost.


~ by dfflanders on April 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Podcast notes: IT conversations, Anne Thomas Manes, ‘Is SOA Dead’”

  1. Nice to see other people in the UK touting the conversations network podcasts. Especially ITConversations. Are you aware of the awesomeness of popTech!

  2. […] technologies it used and the best they could say was “robust transaction” (please note: SOA is dead for even corporations who have the budget for it, and is especially not relevant now or in the near […]

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