Podcast notes: Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical, free software and wealth creation


* The stimulus of innovation is disclosure: not only saying what but
how we created the innovation
* how can we drive innovation faster?
** architect platform to be extensible and imbeddable, e.g. mozilla addons
** platform tolerance, must embrace our enemies (windows) to embrace
all humans, be benevolentt
** bring in fresh blood, it is not neccessarily the core that makes
things happen
* methodology and software development processes
** purpose of methodology is to harness talent
** aggregate development by building interest
** agile for community (not pair prog) by phil oconnor
** architect by community and collaboration
* permission free development to enable web services
** tools must interoperate over the web, eg bugzilla, trac, launchpad
** branching should be enabled to any commmunity
* change in innovation drives economics
** economic models: advertisement, hardware providers pay for
innovation… not likely
** pay for service provision?
* can a community create the cutting edge experience… better than Apple?
** "we should be building software that helps it users get laid"
* conical investing in a beautiful experience.


~ by dfflanders on April 21, 2009.

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