Independent UK Hardware Review of HTC Magic (Vodaphone) vs HTC G1 (T-Mobile)

Having fun with FlipCam lead to this quick side by side review of my G1 Android vs my partner’s new Magic Android (though if I had a mirror I could be doing the review using the new camcorder built into Magic, which auto pushes to YouTube as well).

In short, if you are looking to get a phone right now (May 2009) then the Magic outshines anything on the market (I am of course biased in favour of a open source operating system but my partner is not) and this is why she choose the Magic over the iPhone:

  • Cheaper! £35 per month vs £45 for same tarriff/use.
  • Battery Life! This was my biggest concern considering the G1, and thus far (two days in) the battery has lasted over eight hours on each charge and that is with us using the 3G continually to pull down new apps and muck about using the 3G between the two phones (IMing one another and sending pics/videos).
  • Shorter Contract! 2 year contact for O2 iPhone (this is truly is an eternity in mobile technology considering the jump we have already seen from version 1 Android to version 2 <- can’t wait til my contract runs out to get v3!) vs. 12 month Vodaphone contract (aka will get two free phones in the same amount of time you one have your one iPhone).
  • Smaller! What I would call the handbag factor, this will fit in one of those small pockets in the front of  your purse or a  front jean poket (do not keep in back pocket <- it is how I cracked my screen on the G1).  Also I’ll take another quick jab at my iPhone friends who can’t run multiple apps at the same time: which actually means more screen real-estate to get stuff done on the go than that giant black and silver brick!
  • Sexier! Honestly I had my partner hold an iPhone and the Magic side by side and she liked how much lighter and less sharp the corners where on Magic.  She also thought the white Magic was more “Apple” like than the black shiny iPhone? <- go figure?
  • Insurance bargain! Honestly get the business insurance from Vodaphone for an extra £3 per month, it means you can walk into the store at any time and they will hand you a new one on the spot (almost no questions).  I have my bank insurance and it is a nightmare, hence me not getting my cracked screen fixed yet.
  • No proprietary plugs! There is a miniSD slot which means the storage can be increased and it uses USBmini to plug everything in, which means we can share our headsets and power plugs let alone ease of plugging into computer (and not paying fortunes for replacements).
  • Ethical computing! <–! Last but certainly not least (IMHO)–> In an age of global financial crisis and corporate bastardising the technology we decide to spend our money on says a lot for how we want the world to turn out for the next generation.  In my opinion using an Open Source phone (like Android) says you want a world where we as a global community decide what we want, NOT one where a company decides how we want it.  Choice is yours, but this phone proves without a doubt that you can have both the ethical openness of Open Source while still having all the functionality and services of a proprietary company.  Truly, this could be the first time Open Source is the top of the stack and I can only hope it will stay this way (for a month or two anyways 😉

~ by dfflanders on May 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “Independent UK Hardware Review of HTC Magic (Vodaphone) vs HTC G1 (T-Mobile)”

  1. Aww bless, in your Google T-Shirt too! Good review, although I still have to disagree!

    My iPhone rocks!

    Look forward to more Flip reviews.

  2. “My iPhone rocks” <- yes indeed it is a very big heavy ‘rock’ in comparison to the Magic and it is good you are able to delusion yourself that the iPhone is anything but a one trick pony (literally it can’t do multiple processes?!). Methinks your two year contract is going to slip into a prison sentence as the rest of us upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!!! 😉 #flamewar #dieiphonedie #opensource #ethicalcomputing <- ps much love Julian (you are the man) but the gloves have got to come off in the name of Open Source!

  3. […] the future, as mobile devices which support location-based applications (such as the iPhone or the new HTC Magic Android device) become more widely used, we could see organisations such as museums responding to visitors which […]

  4. sorta like 10,000 BC which would be very groovy or cool or rocking or fab or err whatever they say now a days

  5. but then if a museum can think of it then just imagine the spam we would get from anything and everything minority report anyone?

  6. Thanks for the informative video and information. I really think its interesting that the source code is released – open source.

  7. […] sure you know it has an open source operating system. I decided to get the phone after reading a blog post about it written by Dave Flanders who works for the JISC. Dave described the features of the phone, and concluded by arguing that you […]

  8. Blimey – here’s me looking for a smartphone and I can’t get away from JISC people! Good review… will be getting me one of them, I think.

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