2 Responses to “From a Yankee Living in King Arthur’s Health Care System.”

  1. Thanks David. As an English-born person who lived for a long time in Australia (where the health system underwent a couple of political upheavals), I was intrigued by the attitude of the medical profession in these debates. In a nutshell, I saw doctors resisting any significant change to the status quo, and citing the UK or American systems as examples to back them up. So they resisted some changes introduced by Labor as reducing patient choice (too like the NHS), and later resisted some changes introduced by the “Liberals” as increasing patient expense (too like the US system). I don’t quite know where the balance stands right now. I’m confident if you tried to introduce the US system into Britain the medics would cry foul, and if you tried to introduce a NHS-like system in America the medics would cry foul! Not quite sure what this means, other than using arguments related to the ethical questions you raise, of a basic health safety net for all citizens sufficient for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, plus top up that depends on societal choice and history (and good medical reasons but not necessarily all medical argument!).

  2. Thanks david, having visited the US of A recently and had reason to use an emergancy clinic where first we had to show means of payment before treatment I agree with everything you said. Must add that the treatment and care was excellent! Hope your comment has been seen by your fellow citizens. I found most people I spoke with in US were against any form of health service, esp. the health professionals. Why? Who has got most to loose the insurance companies, the drug companies need I go on……..
    Like you say our NHS is far from perfect and if it were introduced to this country today there would be an outcry!
    it was introduced here in 1948 three years after WW2.
    The US is a first rate country and I wish President Obama the best of luck with this. I have no doubt he will somehow get it through.

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