A Thorough Thought: Enterprise Architecture Reflection

In my last post I did a fair bit of mocking of “The Enterprise” and “SOA” as being dead.  However I do want to point out that the original ideas around SOA as put forward by the original Whitepaper by IBM was a significant programmatic pattern at the time and one that every person who types on a computer keyboard should understand.  None the less, understanding and agreement with the “soa” (aka the modular programmatic pattern) should not confuse people that “SOA” as a technology is dead:

SOA as a concept for modular compartmentalisation for “services” is an important programmtic pattern to understand; conversely, SOA as a technology made up of the technology stack of: SOAP/WSDL, BPMN/L and EBSs is not only too expensive for any small/medium enterpise but also overkill for organisation who do not need “robust -aka Enterprise- transaction”.  In short, the Web via HTTP, its error codes and mime types is all any University will ever need to achieve an Enterprise Architecture Stack.


~ by dfflanders on February 5, 2010.

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