dev8D + code4lib = Developers in Academia Rule!

Just a quick note about the origination of dev8D:  I want to make it clear that dev8D was never intended to compete against code4lib as an event. Unfortunatley our scheduling accidentally overlapped this year, though given we are on different sides of the pond and budgets are limited for international travel I don’t feel it has really hurt either of us (we are 500+ on the Wednesday and closed registration a month in advance of the event!).   In fact we have an uplink between the two events via Matt Zumwalt (at code4lib) and Eddie Shin here (thanks guys, you rock as usual).

As to dev8D and it orginations, it is in fact partially inspired by code4lib.  Paul Miller had contacted me about hosting code4lib at the University of London the year before the first dev8D, and unfortunatly we didn’t get voted in as the venue that year.  None the less, I really wanted to have an event dedicated to our brilliant developers in the UK and EU!  After sitting around with Ben O’Steen and Dave Tarrant at a coding lounge at yet another manager conference the idea (or meme) of ‘developer happiness’ emerged as something worth thinking about a little more.  There are of course many other likeminded events to thank such as barcamp, playful and the multiple London meetups that take place everynight of the week in London.  But in this case it is worth citing code4lib as an event I’d love to attend and hope both dev8D and code4lib can continue to push forward the cause of developers in Academia!

So a quick shout out from this side of the pond to yours, hope we both have brilliant events, and look forward to reading (and hearing via Matt) all about it!  Cheers 8D


~ by dfflanders on February 23, 2010.

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