Thorough Thought: The New Architectural Layer – LoA

I’m continuing to allow myself to satisfy my manager urges by waxing lyrical as an architecture astronaut 🙂 <feelsGood>

My latest thought was in regard to the inevitable addition of a third layer in the enterprise architectural stack: surely we will need to make room for a “linked data architecture”!  Ergo, I’m getting my term “LOA”  in early!  8D

Why “Link Oriented Architecture”, well mostly because ‘Data Oriented Architecture’ for me is still a lower -more granular- layer in the stack (yet to be commonly defined).  And also “LoA” makes me think of Luau, as in a Hawaiian party so that’s good (also it appears “Loa” is a Haitian set of spirits who are intermediaries -links- to the gods).

Though of course I’d welcome further thoughts.  Also you can see I’m struggling in regards to defining the overall technical specification for each component in the architecture:

  • Technical Blueprint for Overall Architecture: WSDL, ReST, RDF
  • Information Entity/Component Model: SOAP, CRUD, SPARQL
  • Primary Transport Protocol: RPC, HTTP, URI

The other problem I am having with this pretty PPT diagram is that ‘Messaging Oriented Architecture’ (e.g. XMPP, RabbitMQ, etc) might well topple it over, or perhaps it is the column that supports it all?! Muh ha ha. <– Evil laugh of a manager!


~ by dfflanders on March 7, 2010.

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