Update on the Form/Factor of my Galaxy Tab

I’ve started to figure out where in my life my tablet fits, and (unlike my netbook) I think it is here to stay. Some quick thoughts below, which I’m hoping pulls in some of your thoughts via comments or on twitter @dfflanders

I’ve still some questions on if I would want the screen slightly bigger (basically 7inch in portrait mode for reading PDFs as opposed to the current 6inch screen – or let’s just get beyond the PDF!!!), however saying that I think it *needs to get lighter* before it gets bigger. It is not great for laying in bed on your back and reading with the device over your head: arm gets tired more frequently which requires more moving (this device is all about being sedentary)!

from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dm-set/3907606493/

This image made available via creative commons, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/dm-set/3907606493/

Also the tablet doesn’t lend itself for holding it while laying on the back: the book enables a better form-factor for holding – I’m on the look out for a cover that will enable me to hold like a book (though even this contorted hand form-factor could be improved).

Otherwise (with the #ukSNOW) it has been a great homebody device, lying in bed watching the Onion (hilarious!), reading the Guardian / NYTimes / HuffingtonPost; pulling down books from the Guttenberg mobile platform (not reading them past the first chapter), listening to podcasts on GoogleListen and crusing the Apps Market for crap novelty apps like “Wire Goggles” has been a hoot. I even bought my first app, well “live wallpaper” – I bought a geeky binary clock (partially to invoke my soapbox speech on why binary is the new roman numeral of our time), and felt the developer deserved the 99p despite their being a free version: could this count as a donation for tax write-offs?

On the whole I really think the form factor for the device (and why it will stay in my life) is the difference of sitting, laying, shifting and generally being lazy with the device, rather than being sat leaned over a keyboard. That and the mobile phone is just slightly to small to allow for complete laziness, the arm always has to be crooked with the smaller screen.

If you haven’t seen my video on form-factor on “how many devices do we need” please do have a watch 🙂


~ by dfflanders on December 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Update on the Form/Factor of my Galaxy Tab”

  1. Why not just treat yourself to the real thing instead of this sub-optimal experience?

  2. Want to come to St. Louis, Missouri? I think it would be great to have you to set up a printer!

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