Quote from Graham Cameron at #eRes2012

Do you ever have those moments when you realise that you keep re-playing something in your mind that embodies a whole set of ideas you’ve been trying to realise. Recently, that moment for me has been from the eResearch Australasia conference in Sydney and a quote from Graham Cameron (this quote -very much- in relation to the Developer Lounge that was taking place at the same conference):

“The work of the person building a microscope may be as intellectually challenging as the that of the person looking through it. The same may be true of the software engineer managing the data or building a database. Science tends to be one dimensional in its metrics of success and its career building opportunities. It is time that we recognised the contribution of these individuals and created career paths which support and reward them.”

The question is, how can we realise the value that these marginalised/dissident people bring to research?

Why won’t you let me play?


~ by dfflanders on December 10, 2012.

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