The Best of GovHack Melbourne

This post is a #FriendlyRivalry post to all the other GovHack judges and competitors (Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, oh yes and our favorite rival Sydney 😉 ).  As a Melburnian I’m wonderfully proud of what the Govhack competitors at Melbourne achieved, and I want to make sure you know about the following before you cast any of your national votes!  I’ll do the same, so please do re-post your top competitors.  Good luck to one and all.

As we all know the nation is about to have an election, but who should you vote for?  Are you going to let the media tell you or are you going to make your own decision based on the actual data?  Here is a quick quiz that just might get you thinking twice about what party you really belong to?

The best hacks are the ones that ‘scratch an itch’.  The first day was full of frustration for the way the data was provided.  This team decided to solve a problem that every GovHack competitor will be thanking them for.  Team Unlock built a platform for unlocking data.  Unlocked transform crappy government spreadsheets, PDFs and other data formats into nice clean CSV & JSON and then automatically builds a profile over the data to show how it can be used as different graphs and spreadsheets.  Oh yes and they built a faceted search engine atop – tpo that.

Are you thinking of moving to the no.1 city in the world? Of course you are, but Melbourne is really a bunch of communities packed together – which community might you best belong to – are you a hipster, a wealthy retiree, a hick from the sticks…  its not as easy as you might think to decide which part of Melbourne and environs you will personally best fit.  Here is an interactive data map that will help you decide just that:

This is just data journalism at its best: giving you the power to see a whole world of immigration data in one visualisation.  Watch this before you listen to any more news which covers just a single story about asylum seekers.

Ever wanted to turn your data into a ring, earrings or a dog tag (maybe now, but now you will want to!). This tool enables you to print your data into one of these objects using a 3D printer!!!  How many companies are going to want one of these to replace business cards?!

This is a beautiful expression of Australian life and death (if only there would have been more time to show each branch as a state/territory, and different leaf colors as different ages).  None the less, I find it peaceful to watch a metaphor of life in this way:

An infographics that children of all ages will love, check out the wales around Australia, see them swim and hear their sounds, educational and fun!

Want to hear what data about urban growth sounds like?! Here is your chance.  A wonderful creative way to think about code and data as art (note: music starts at 2m28s):

For any radio station out there (are you listening TripleJ), see this map app which shows where people in Australia can actually listen to your radio:

Melburnians do you know if your public transport links are crap?! Well now you can know so you can show your local authority how they can make things better!  Check out this infographic of where the best public transport links are.

As someone who has just moved to Melbourne (and fallen in love with this city) this infographic of the Yarra River is truly beautiful as it tells a story about Melbourne is a way that only data from nature can.  Every Melburnian should take the time to scroll over the dot points on the graph and see how our beloved Yarra changes as it flows into our beloved city.

Australians often talk about how much of Australians minerals get exported to China, but do you want to see what that would actually look like on a map, well here you go (enjoy!):

This is a tool that every journalist should be thanking this team for creating – a custom glossary of what politicians say.  A great tool for anyone in politics, journalism or even researchers needing a great study tool:

Here is a map you’ll want to print up and ad to your personal art collection at your home (I know I will!), this looks to be the first in an iteration of this map that will end up being absolutely stunning.  It is already on its way, check it out here:

This app is wonderfully simple and practical as the team that made this actually solved their own problem.  Perhaps the team that came the furthest to compete, from the UK and needing a way to find out about stuff they made this location aware app:

Great to see ‘good honest questions being asked of government’ supported by data:

Some great coding to bring the data together to help tourists know when they should visits different places in Australia:

Love the idea this team had, just a shame that time ran out on them.

A idea to help you in thinking about ‘what is the gap’.

All pictures provided by the fantastic photographing fabulous Fiona!  See more pictures here:


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