Bio: David F. Flanders 3D Printing Evanglelist

Thanks to a little video I did a couple of years ago, I’ve been asked to speak at several events on ‘what 3D Printing has to do with you & your sector, and how it is going to change everything – again”.  Ever since my TEDx talk I’ve been scanning the web daily for the new kinds of objects that exemplify the paradigm shift that 3D printing will bring about to everything.  I’m so confident in my compendium of 3D printed examples I like to playfully challenge anyone to give me ten minutes of their time to tell me the following: a.) what sector are you in, b.) what do you personally contribute to that sector, and c.) what wild ideas are you personally passionate about.  Based on these three things, I’ve yet to meet someone who I can’t “convince” that 3D printing is a very real option for them to innovate in their sector.  In short, 3D Printing applies to everyTHING! Challenge me, I dare you 😉

On to my speaker bio (for David F. Flanders, my friends call me ‘Flanders’)

Short Bio:

David F. Flanders has been involved with 3D Printing since 2009, when he first met Dr. Adrian Bower and the RepRap project in the UK[1].  “Flanders” (as his friends call him) has spoke on ‘the disruptive rise of 3D printers’ at multiple ‘innovation events’ including TEDx as well as on radio broadcasts such as the BBC’s Click programme.  David’s key message is about how individuals now have the capacity to be their own ‘Digital Blacksmiths’ who can wake up each morning with a new eureka idea and then proceed to design, smelt and print the product ready for selling by the time they go to bed.   In addition, David is very passionate about teaching others to both use and build 3D printers so that anyone can join this innovation revolution – become a Digital Blacksmith today!  In short, “3D Printers will change everything in your sector, again!

[1]= RepRap is a self replicating desktop 3D printer that prints its own parts… cue Terminator soundtrack 😉

Long Bio:

3D Printing: Are you ready to innovate like never before?! – David F. Flanders has been involved with a specific type of 3D Printer (and its community) called RepRap since 2009.  The moment David met Dr. Adrian Bower he knew that the world would never be the same (listen to Flanders and Dr. Bower talk on the BBC’s Click Radio programme).

Flanders alongside his fellow “Digital Blacksmiths” built a first generation RepRap known as the ‘Darwin’ and since then this printer has ‘printed’ four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren (and a quad-copter!).   Flanders continues to roam the globe encouraging people to participate in ‘3D Printer Parties’ which “barn raise” 3D printers in a weekend.

Flanders will teach anyone from six years of age to one-hundred-and-six years of age to design and print their own objects.  David firmly believes the revolutions that desktop 3D printing will bring about will be by inspired individuals working independently and in collaboration with other talented individuals (“wisdom of crowds”).

Most people who have worked with 3D Printers (and it goes back almost thirty years now) have been focused on something called ‘Additive Manufacturing’.  The difference with the RepRap is that it is NOT ‘additive manufacturing’, in fact it is not manufacturing at all, in the same way that owning a desktop paper printer is not the same as owning a newspaper printer (think about what desktop paper printers did to the market).

The coolest thing about the RepRap is that it is a project whose goal is to create a 3D Printers that can print itself (…cue Terminator soundtrack).   The reason this Desktop 3D Printer is so revolutionary is because it democratizes manufacturing, for those of us lucky enough to have a laptop and a 3D printer on our workbench; we suddenly have the ability to be innovator, designer, smelter, manufacturer, market and be the salesperson all in one!  Think about that – to have the ability to have a Eureka moment and within the same day design the object print it and sell it to someone else.

Some additional things I’ve done in 3D Printing that might be worth picking and choosing to add to my speakers bio:

  • Currently working at the University of Melbourne where Flanders is hoping to enable the next generation of brilliant inventors to change the world with 3D printing.
  • Runs a summer school where students are given the ability,to innovate and print 7 products in 7 days.
  • {to add more anon}

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2 Responses to “Bio: David F. Flanders 3D Printing Evanglelist”

  1. 3D printing does look to be the future but its a still bleeding edge technology.I think it would still take 20 more years before it could be commercialize.

  2. […] as running shoes printed from a 3D foot scan, increasing efficiency and breaking Olympic records. David Flanders, a “3D printing evangelist” and his company PIF3D, also celebrates 3D printing, hosting […]

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