Lecture: musings on the next generation of intelligent applications (kubernetes conference, cloud native computing foundation)

Berlin, Germany, March 31st, Kubernetes aka #K8S Conference (a CNCF event).

Described as ‘inception for thinking about the future computational application’.  This lecture asks the big questions about how “the cloud” (aka ‘digital infrastructure’) applies to the research sector and the cloud applications of the future.  Like any good research proposal, this talk asks more problematic questions, than it provides answers:

  • Part 0: What does ‘digital infrastructure’ mean to us as a shared community metaphor?  Has K8S solved what Bezos called the ‘undifferentiated heavy lifting problem’, meaning we can move onto a new metaphor? Is the next community metaphor one of ‘intelligent applications’.
  • Part 1: What does an ‘intelligent application’ look like, and how do we reverse engineer intelligence.  Let’s look towards science and what they are currently doing in terms of intelligence circuitry.
  • Part 2: Let’s try and build applications which will embrace the future cloud application paradigm of intelligence!  What kind of capabilities do technologies like K8S give us in terms of enabling scientists to collaborate in building complex applications?
  • Part 3: Ok so this ‘cloud native’ thing is just getting started.  Let’s not get too impressed with the technology and ask the hard questions about what is missing?!  If we are going to build intelligent applications what other technologies are we going to need added into the stack so this stuff works in the real world?
  • Part 4: The future and beyond?  As we build more intelligent applications, they will replace jobs.  How quickly do we want innovation to progress if getting rid of jobs causes more strife (and potentially costs lives!)?

Please feel free to ask me questions while you are watching the video via Twitter or IRC(freenode): @DFFlanders.


~ by dfflanders on April 19, 2017.

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